MFH C.F Meyer-Strasse 43

Spare new building in a quiet residential area on the Basler Bruderholz.

Residential Hasenrain

New construction of a high-quality residential development consisting of four buildings in the villa quarter of Binningen.

SFH Riehen

Conversion of a commercial and apartment building into a spacious detached house.

MFH Burgunderstrasse

Renovation of a residential building with newly constructed duplex apartments on the top floor.

MFH Weiherweg

Apartments for rent and furnished apartments in residential and commercial buildings near Schützenmattpark.

SFH Gomes

New construction of a spacious detached house with view of the Passwang mountain.

MFH C.F Meyer-Strasse 54

Renovation of the building shell of an apartment building with enlargement of the balcony areas.

MFH Mittlere Strasse

Upgrading of existing real estate and closure of a building view by means of an extension wing.

Kost Sport Freie Strasse

Conversion of the entire property in Basel's shopping mile with a new usage classification of the building.

MFH Hardstrasse 71

Renovation and refurbishment of an apartment building in inhabited condition.

SFH Bruderholz

Renovation eines grosszügigen Einfamilienhauses auf dem Basler Bruderholz.

SFH Binningen

Two-stage renovation and upgrading of a detached house from the 70s.

MFH Missionsstrasse

Renovation of front and rear building and installation of new apartments in a building complex from the 60s.

Apartment Mühlenberg 11

Renovation and conversion of an apartment in an old building with a view of the Rhine.

Residential & Commercial Building Aeschenvorstadt

Building renovation of a commercial building in a central location in Basel with extension of use to a residential and commercial building.

SFH Laufen

Completion of a free-standing single-family house with a separate pavilion in timber construction.

Extension SFH Fischer

Extension of a detached house in Bottmingen built by Blaser Architekten.

SFH Staudt

Extension of an existing detached house with additional living space and access via stair tower in the extension.

Residential 'NeuWeilerHof'

Residential development with apartment building along the road and atrium houses in the courtyard on the border to Allschwil.

Market Hall Complex

Conversion of an existing listed market hall area dating from 1928/29 with a domed structure and peripheral buildings.

Residential & Commercial Building 'Unterdorf'

Modernisation with extension of use according to successful neighbourhood plan procedure.

SFH Feierabendstrasse

Renovation of a town house from the 19th century.

MFH Dornacherstrasse

New replacement building with continuous floor plans and loft-like living character.

Commercial & Residential Building Falknerstrasse

New replacement building in the zone of buildings worthy of protection in Basel city centre.

SFH Schulthess

Extension of a residential building from the 50s in a unique location in Pfeffingen.

MFH Ennetbürgen

New construction of a luxurious apartment building with a view of Lake Lucerne.