Tentant fit-out T3 Pharmaceuticals

Installation of a company specializing in biopharmaceuticals in the Main Campus.

SIP Switzerland Innovation Park

Installation of state-of-the-art working environments in the new type of life science cluster being created in Allschwil for startups, scale-ups and established companies.

Conversion restaurant Neubad in apartments

Conversion of a listed building with residential use on the first floor.

Installation Biosafety Facility

Installation of a high-sensitivity B-lab for a major health care company in Basel.

New university quarter in Dreispitz

With the success of the competition in cooperation with Grafon Architects from Ireland, the foundation stone for the future university quarter has been laid.

Novartis Campus WSJ-189 Pavillon

The first publicly accessible building on the Novartis Campus has opened its doors.


Tenant rochade of the company Chemgineering within the buildings of Spenglerpark Münchenstein.

Temporary fit-out Klybeck health schools

Installation of Povisorien health schools in five existing buildings in the Klybeckareal as a result of conversion measures in Spenglerpark Münchenstein.

Apartment Austrasse 32

Renovation kitchen and bathroom in an old building property with a lot of charm.

Competition Lüdin Areal

Competition project for the Lüdin Areal in Liestal in collaboration with Karpf Khalili Architects, New York.

MFH C.F Meyer-Strasse 43

Spare new building in a quiet residential area on the Basler Bruderholz.

Expansions Medartis

Installation and conversion work for the company Medartis AG at its headquarters in Stücki Park Basel.

Novartis Campus WSJ-386 ONC

Installation of flexible and contemporary laboratory, office and communication zones in buildings on the edge of the Novartis Campus.

MFH Leimenstrasse

Replacement new building in the popular Bachlettenquartier, interspersed with backyards.

La Cilera

Restoration of a residential building in the middle of an olive grove in Tuscany.

Residential Hasenrain

New construction of a high-quality residential development consisting of four buildings in the villa quarter of Binningen.

SFH Riehen

Conversion of a commercial and apartment building into a spacious detached house.

MFH Burgunderstrasse

Renovation of a residential building with newly constructed duplex apartments on the top floor.

Extension Lonza AG

Installation of the second company site of Lonza AG to the Lonza Tower in Basel.

Alte Börse

Installation of open space offices for a clinical research organization in the premises of the old stock exchange in Basel.


The former start-up company Piqur moves into its own rental space in Stücki Park Basel.

COS Filiale

Installation of a COS branch on the ground and upper floor of the former Musik Hug building.

MFH Weiherweg

Apartments for rent and furnished apartments in residential and commercial buildings near Schützenmattpark.

SFH Gomes

New construction of a spacious detached house with view of the Passwang mountain.

Building 860

Transformation of former cellular offices into bright open space office with kitchen area and meeting room.

MFH C.F Meyer-Strasse 54

Renovation of the building shell of an apartment building with enlargement of the balcony areas.

MFH Mittlere Strasse

Upgrading of existing real estate and closure of a building view by means of an extension wing.

Wesemann Schweiz AG

Basic construction for the company Wesemann Schweiz AG in Stücki Park Basel.

Lonza AG

First installation for Lonza AG in the Stücki Park Basel in the head building house A on level 7.

Kost Sport Freie Strasse

Conversion of the entire property in Basel's shopping mile with a new usage classification of the building.

Extension Production Medartis

Expansion of production areas and office space at the headquarters of Medartis AG in Stücki Park in Basel.

MFH Hardstrasse 71

Renovation and refurbishment of an apartment building in inhabited condition.

Novartis Campus Shop Center

Central service point for various services for employees on the Novartis Campus.

Competition Beyeler Museum

Study contract for an extension of the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen in the neighbouring Iselin-Weber Park.

Bionic Training

Since summer 2016, you can complete a complete athletic workload in 20 minutes by means of a new type of EMS training (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) at Grenzacherstrasse 62 in Basel.

PAR Hochbergerstrasse

Fire protection sanitation of a parking hall combined with a refreshment.

SFH Bruderholz

Renovation of a spacious detached house on the Bruderholz in Basel.

SFH Binningen

Two-stage renovation and upgrading of a detached house from the 70s.

Credit Suisse Liestal

Tenant fit-out for Credit Suisse at its branch near Liestal station.

MFH Missionsstrasse

Renovation of front and rear building and installation of new apartments in a building complex from the 60s.

The Circle at Zürich Airport

Local architect for the design architect Riken Yamamoto for the project phases preliminary project to tender for the largest building construction project in Switzerland.

Huntsman Advanced Materials

Conversion of existing cellular offices into an open multi-space landscape for the chemical company Huntsman.

Novartis Campus WSJ-182

Blaser Architekten / Butscher Architekten acted as local architects for the office and laboratory building on the Novartis Campus for the design architect Rahul Mehrotra.


New location for the company SSEF (Swiss Gemmological Institute) with spacious state-of-the-art laboratories.

Data Center Markant

Computer centre for the Markant company in Offenburg with technical outdoor areas.

Credit Suisse Reinach

Credit Suisse in Reinach is strengthening its presence in the newly designed village square.

Technologiepark II

Expansion of the Basel Technology Park in the Stücki Park.

Residential & Commercial Building Aeschenvorstadt

Building renovation of a commercial building in a central location in Basel with extension of use to a residential and commercial building.

Apartment Mühlenberg 11

Renovation and conversion of an apartment in an old building with a view of the Rhine.

SFH Laufen

Completion of a free-standing single-family house with a separate pavilion in timber construction.

Area development Baoshida Swissmetal

Study to examine the opportunities and risks of further industrial use of the Swissmetal site in Dornach.

Novartis Campus WSJ-360 Refurbishment 5th floor

Installation of a multi-space office in a square floor plan with a formerly dark central zone.

Extension SFH Fischer

Extension of a detached house in Bottmingen built by Blaser Architekten.

Competition Fokus Zug

Project competition announced by the Canton of Zug in collaboration with the architectural offices of Miroslav Sik and Joos & Mathys Architekten.

SFH Staudt

Extension of an existing detached house with additional living space and access via stair tower in the extension.

Competiton EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse

Competition for the clarification of future potentials and the development of the exterior of the EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse.

Residential 'NeuWeilerHof'

Residential development with apartment building along the road and atrium houses in the courtyard on the border to Allschwil.

Stücki Park

Laboratory and office building built in core&shell in the 'Life Sciences' area in the west of Basel.

Market Hall Complex

Conversion of an existing listed market hall area dating from 1928/29 with a domed structure and peripheral buildings.

Restaurant Landgasthof Riehen

Redevelopment of a higher quality restaurant with replacement cultivation in the village center of Riehen.

SFH Altenhoff Röthlin

One-storey detached house with studio on the edge of the building zone of Witterswil.

Swatch Omega SO51

Competition for the new headquarters of Swatch AG in BIel in collaboration with Shigeru Ban Architects.

SFH Feierabendstrasse

Renovation of a town house from the 19th century.

Residential & Commercial Building 'Unterdorf'

Modernisation with extension of use according to successful neighbourhood plan procedure.

Superdry Shop

  Installation of the first Superdry store in Switzerland.


Construction of a forest hut in Niederhelfenschwil as part of the programme 'SF Schweiz aktuell'.

Technologiepark I

Installation of a technology park for start-up companies in the Stücki Park Basel.

Apartmentbuilding 4e3

Development of a project for the 'Ressort Andermatt Swiss Alps.

Credit Suisse Allschwil

Expansion of a Credit Suisse branch in Allschwil.

Study Bricks-Areal

Study for the clarification of the building possibilities under consideration of the zone-conformal use in comparison with a use that requires a district plan.

MFH Dornacherstrasse

New replacement building with continuous floor plans and loft-like living character.

Credit Suisse

Complete renovation of Credit Suisse building with bank branch on the ground floor and offices, living on the upper floors.

Novartis Campus WSJ-155

Planning and execution of an office and laboratory building on the Novartis Campus for the design architect Yoshio Taniguchi from Tokyo.

Competition Kunstmuseum

Project competition for the extension of the Kunstmuseum Basel in team with Rapp Arcoplan and the design architect Tadao Ando

Commercial & Residential Building Falknerstrasse

New replacement building in the zone of buildings worthy of protection in Basel city centre.


Installation of production areas and offices throughout House E in Stücki Park for the medical technology company Medartis.

Study Kantonsspital

Two-stage study contract for the extension and renovation of the Bruderholz Cantonal Hospital.

Maisonette Apartment

Enlargement of an existing maisonette apartment by an additional floor.

BKB Private Banking

Installation of a private banking department for the Basler Kantonalbank.

Beach volley hall

Installation of a beach hall under the bridgehead of the Luzernerring bridge in St. Johann, Basel.

SFH Schulthess

Extension of a residential building from the 50s in a unique location in Pfeffingen.

MFH Birshöhe

Redevelopment of a residential complex designed by the architect Walter Senn in 1965.

Day Nursery Novartis

Construction of a new daycare center in Stein (AG) for Novartis associates.

MFH Lindenhofstrasse 16

Replacement construction of an apartment building in the protection zone.

Restaurant NOOHN

Conversion of a former sales area into a Euro-Asian restaurant with different guest zones.

Restaurant Johann

Quarter restaurant in the St. Johanns Quartier with a new face.

Fashion House Kohler

Conversion of existing fashion house with modernized market presence.

'Travel Mart'

Installation of a travel agency for Hotelplan AG with an impressive atmosphere.

Interio Boutique

Conversion and expansion of a shop in the heart of Basel.

Penthouse Apartment

Penthouse apartment with open floor plan in central location above the roofs of Basel.


Installation of a Ferrari-Maserati garage in existing sheds.

MFH Ennetbürgen

New construction of a luxurious apartment building with a view of Lake Lucerne.

SFH Fischer

New construction of a single-family house on an exposed hillside location.