With its factory qualities of a former print shop, the roughly 200 m2 large showroom is located at Austrasse 24 in the center of Basel and is part of the Blaser Architekten office. The infrastructure is complete and may be adjusted for individual needs. During its time of use, the schauraum-b simultaneously functions as an inspiring meeting area and workshop room for the Blaser Architekten.


Blaser Architekten think, plan and realize architecture. Over the past 20 years the office has developed a portfolio of projects and buildings varying in typology, size and mandate forms. Blaser Architekten are connected to a broad spectrum of interesting projects and through their relationships to numerous interesting people and institutions.

Also integrated in the office are the works of Werner Blaser, architect and publicist, who since 1950 has worked on a great spectrum of topics in architecture and famous architects. These works shall be available to the office and anyone of interest in the form of a 'Living Archive Blaser Architekten'.
Convinced that the interdisciplinariy approach plays a primary role in discovering architecture, and that the exploration and understanding of our habitats is never ending, Blaser Architekten invented the schauraum-b.


The schauraum-b is a place of dialogue where people and topics are united for discussion. Blaser Architekten take over the role of the initiator, curator, host and operator. They choose authors who are open to show and analyze their work within an architectural context. The resulting synergetic dialogue between the chosen authors, topics and the given architectural context allows for unique debates between authors, curators and users, stimulating creativity.


The schauraum-b is a non-profit organization of Blaser Architekten AG. Costs for the invitation, opening and operation are taken over by Blaser Architekten. Events with possible commercial interest such as sales are obliged to a typical commission agreement. The invitation addresses of the authors made available to Blaser Architekten will be added to the address file of schauraum-b.


c/o Blaser Architekten AG
Austrasse 24
CH-4051 Basel
T +41 61 278 95 55 F +41 61 278 95 50

Christian W. Blaser 
T +41 61 278 95 52, cblaser@schauraum-b.ch

or Claudia Britt 
T +41 61 278 95 42, cbritt@schauraum-b.ch

Opening times
Mo-Fr 8-12h, 14-17h