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Dear Clients, Project Partners and Collaborators
The majority of our employees have returned to our company headquarters at Ausstrasse 24, and we will continue to do everything in our power to work together safely. In doing so, we will continue to be guided by the recommendations of the BAG. Therefore, we will continue to conduct most of our business meetings digitally in the coming weeks. This will also give us the opportunity to further apply and deepen the digital skills we have acquired in recent weeks. 
Kind regards Blaser Architekten AG

Wettbewerb Fussgängerbrücke Norimatt in Laufen – 2. Rang

Due to the flood protection project of the canton of Basel Landschaft, the city of Laufen wrote a competition for the replacement of the Norimattstegs by a bridge with a significantly longer span.

In order to symbolize the bridging between the Laufen areas of Norimatt and Nau, Blaser Architekten, in collaboration with the engineering firm Jauslin Stebler, proposed an arched bridge with a slightly curved lane. The elegant arch connects the existing ice rink and leisure hall with the settlements planned near the Birs.

ArchitekturDialoge Reise – Milano Arch Week

The third ArchitectureDialogue trip took us three days to Milano, where we combined the Arch Week Milano 2019 there with a small Architek_Tour. During this tour Stefano Boeri explained the Bosco Verticale and we visited the studio of the architect and designer Michele de Lucchi. On guided tours we also visited the houses Torre Pirelli (Gio Ponti), Torre Velasca (BBPR), Fondazione Feltrinelli (Herzog & De Meuron), Fondazione Prada (OMA) and the Armani Silo (Tadao Ando) in whose premises a wonderful Ando and Armani exhibition was seen. In addition to the architectural highlights, we also enjoyed the Lombard food culture.

The journey was organized with 20 participants through the ArchitekturDialoge. They were accompanied by Christian W. Blaser as president and Fausto De Lorenzo as managing director of AD. The tour guide was by Bo Kojich, who supported us actively with his office REISEN FÜR KUNST.

Wirtschafts-Treuhand – Renewal

The rebuilt historic building of the Wirtschafts-Treuhand AG on Arnold Böcklin-Strasse in Basel, built in 1906, is being rebuilt and renovated.

The official apartment on the 2nd floor will be redesigned as office space. The exit from the ground floor into the garden is restored as originally available. All surfaces are refreshed, the existing offices structurally adapted and newly furnished. This makes them more open and flexible.


The global urbanization places new demands on urban space and its infrastructures. Influences such as social change, digitization and the shift of the private to the public and vice versa are also changing the expression and the demands on cities and space.
We want to find out how public space could evolve in the future. Who does he belong to? Who designs and who uses it? Where does public responsibility regarding safety, service and maintenance cease and where does the self-responsibility of inhabitants begin? What causes a possibly existing over-instrumentalization of public places, space and their infrastructures? How can the public places be collaboratively used by different participants without conflict?
As usual, we will pursue this theme in an exhibition and in an accompanying lecture series. We invited speakers from the fields of architecture, art, economics, sociology, history and public administration.
Opening with Performance, Wednesday, June 13th 2018, 6pm
in attendance of the Stencil Artist Stefan Winterle and the Photographer Adriano A. Biondo

Duration June 13th 2018 until November 30th 2018

PublicSpace - Stencil Graffiti

Stefan Winterle, Stencil Artist & Kurator Colab Gallery, 
Weil am Rhein
PublicSpace - Urban Photography
Adriano A. Biondo, Fotograf & Art Director Biondopictures, Basel

Visiting the exhibition outside of the lecture times please register to

Lecture series
Over the period of the event, interesting free lectures will take place with a public discussion.

The series of events takes place with the friendly support of ‚CMS Christoph Merian Stifung‘, ‚Sulger Stiftung‘, ‚Losinger Marazzi‘ und ‚MÜLLER-STEINAG ELEMENT AG

Credit Suisse, Liestal

Translation in progress.

Architecture Theory Slam 2018 – Gastveranstaltung im schauraum-b

Während der Swissbau veranstaltete das Architekturbüro Vehovar & Jauslin im schauraum-b einen 'Architecture Theory Slam' zugunsten des Schweizerischen Architekturmuseums S AM.

Der Abend war ein voller Erfolg und die Erwartungen des Publikums wurden weit übertroffen. Fünf Slammer und eine Slammerin standen sich in diesem wortgewandten Kräftemessen gegenüber und kämpften um den Sieg.

Einen Einblick finden Sie z.B. unter:
(Foto freundlicherweise zur Verfügung gestellt von Vehovar & Jauslin, © Niklaus Spoerri, Zürich)

MFH Leimenstrasse Basel – Beginn Rückbau

Nach erfolgter Baubewilligung starten die Rückbauarbeiten an der Leimenstrasse 39 in Basel. Das bestehende Mehrfamilienhaus mit den verwinkelten Gewerbeflächen im Hinterhof weicht einem eleganten Neubau mit grosszügigen hellen Wohnflächen und Sicht zum grünen Innenhof.

Im Frühsommer 2019 werden die sechs bereits verkauften Eigentumswohnungen bezugsbereit sein.

Bau 860, Stücki Park, Basel

Translation in progress.