WSJ-340/WSJ-503 Novartis Campus, Basel | 2007 - 2010

Novartis Pharma AG regularly requires new office space to be located in unused and former laboratory buildings. Because future occupants generally haven’t been identified at the time of renovation, layouts must be kept as neutral and flexible as possible. Generous, open floor plans are requested containing a mix of conference, multimedia, and private meeting rooms.

The relatively short usage period of the building WSJ-340 is reflected economically by keeping and reusing existing interior fittings whenever possible. Office spaces are located along the perimeter of the building, leaving the interior space open for general uses.

Using newly developed campus-wide planning guidelines, Building 503, a two-storey structure formerly housing the company library, was converted to a modern multi-use office building. The strong axis of the central corridor is interrupted and softened through the use of “functional ellipses”. These “buildings within a building” contain functions such as meeting and reading areas as well as a cafeteria. The central corridor is accented through interior illumination, washing over and helping to define the free-standing spaces. Work areas are located on either side of the central corridor along the glass facade.