Schmerzklinik Kirschgarten, Basel | 1995 - 2008

The clinic, founded in 1978, outgrew its previous space but found a new home in the Hirschleingasse 11, in a building that allowed for an optimal layout. Together with a hospital planner, Blaser Achiteketen implemented a step-by-step construction plan. In addition to 10 doctor’s stations oriented around a two-storey central courtyard, space for 20 beds was created on the 2nd floor, as well as a Physical Therapy area on the ground floor with space for 22 patients, an X-Ray station and a laboratory. During 2001, 2004, and 2008, additional renovations were made in order to accommodate new changes and requirements, while keeping the clinic operating. Materials and visual design were updated to meet the current design criteria. These renovations resulted in the following modifications: enlargement of the first basement level (enlargement of the existing recovery room), ground-level installation of a new clinic, basement-level installation of an additional therapy room as well as a room for computer tomography installed in 2008. Additional therapy areas were installed on the 5th floor in 2008.