Restaurant Landgasthof, Riehen | 2009 - 2012

With the end of the tenancy agreement in February 2011 the Community of Riehen, owner of the building and client of the project, decided to refurbish and extend the well located restaurant Landgasthof. The building, which consists of a main-wing facing Church and Baselstrasse and a lateral-wing connecting the main building with the old village hall. The entire ensemble was technically and energetically updated. After the aesthetically and functionally dissatisfying annex was demolished, a new extension for an upmarket restaurant was added. The building is located in a historic protection area, which means that scale, volume and historic character had to be respected and kept. The new restaurant extension is directly connected to the kitchen, but separated on ceiling level with a continuous sky-light. This brings plenty of light into the restaurant and emphasises the added volume. A new staircase, together with an enlarged lobby and reception connects the old and new parts of the building with the same level terrace. All areas of the Landgasthof can be reached from the new circulation zone. Additionally the circulation and fire escape concept of the entire building got renewed and improved. Kitchen operations were optimised with the help of a new freight lift and a relocated delivery point.