Residential & Commercial Building Aeschenvorstadt, Basel | 2011 - 2014

An analysis of the existing building property at Aeschenvorstadt revealed that the use as a pure commercial and office building needs rethought and renovation. Due to its central location in the City of Basel, with direct links to public transport, public services and shopping a change in residential use was proposed. Thus, the building today offers a retail space on the ground floor and offices in the lower four floors. Against the quiet and green courtyard exclusive rental apartments were created for urban people. The former passage between Aeschenvorstadt and Brunngässlein was disbanded in favor of common retail space. The apartments feature a sophisticated design standard. The facade has been renovated to the latest environmental standards. The facade to the main street at Aeschenvorstadt was covered with a fluted Roman travertine stone. The existing gable roof was replaced by a flat rooftop with extensive green areas. The project enabled an increase with the penthouse apartment with a new patio to the side of the courtyard. The flats to the backyard got balconies.