Penthouse Apartment, Basel | 2006 - 2008

This property is located in the lively Matthäusquartier approximately 100m from the Rhein. The building was originally constructed in 1898 and is located within a historic preservation zone. A number of renovations to the building have occurred over the years. The owner/developers occupied the upper two floors and were able to acquire the 3rd floor as well. Blaser Architekten was hired to develop a use concept to tie in the additional floor space. The main entrance to the apartment was relocated to the 3rd floor, with is used primarily for the bedrooms of the children. A new internal stair located in the former kitchen area leads to a generous 4th floor living/dining space, in the center of which an open kitchen block is located. The top floor, housing parent work and sleep areas, allows access to a large outdoor terrace.