Novartis Campus WSJ-155, Basel | 2005 - 2010

Blaser Architekten / Butscher Architekten served as local project architects for this new mixed-use office and laboratory building on the Novartis Campus. We provided planning services from project start-up to final building documentation. The design concept by lead architect Yoshio Taniguchi defined a floating glass box, lifted from the ground in order to allow the public space to flow underneath. The uniform, shimmering white glass facade reflects the direct surroundings and prevents any direct views into the interior. The glass box floats like an opaque jewel on four dark stone-clad riser columns, which also serve as the foundation for the structural system. All infrastructure and media systems are contained in the four risers and distribute services to each floor. A free-standing, glass enclosed ExhibitionLab sits at ground level between the four risers, open and accessible from all sides. The arcade, running the entire length of the Fabrikstrasse gives access to the CampusMarket, located in the interior courtyard and accessible over a stone staircase.

The ExhibitionLab is representative of Novartis' research efforts on the campus. Observing through the glass facade as well as through the gallery-level VisitorCenter, viewers can observe the work-flow and processes going on in the ExhibitionLab. A portion of the mezzanine floor cuts through the entire ExhibitionLab and is connected to the exterior areas through double glass doors. General-use single and double laboratories as well as specialized laboratories are located on the second through fifth floors. Office and meeting spaces are located along the west side facade in multiple configurations. The building contains an total of 184 office and laboratory work spaces.