Housing Dornacherstrasse 9, Basel | 2007 - 2010

After the decision for a completely new building, 6 residential units were created on a narrow lot near the Bahnhof in downtown of Basel. The building was designed to appeal to commuters, couples and those looking to live in an identifiably modern building in a convenient, urban location. Located between two existing massive buildings, the detailed glas facade with its colorful sunscreens sets a dramatic contrast to the neighboring buildings. Floor-to-ceiling windows help to draw in the eclectic street and quiet garden life, while interior blinds, exterior sunscreens and acoustic insulation help to ensure the privacy of residents. Floor plans are designed to create an open space feel with broad, open views, an open kitchen, flexible room layouts and high ceilings. Natural, durable, healthy materials and color choices help to reinforce the loft-like feel. Finished concrete and patinaed metal railings in the stair tower help to create an authentically rugged atmosphere.