Credit Suisse branch office, Allschwil | 2009 - 2011

On the 28th of November 2011 Credit Suisse opened the enlarged branch office at the Baslerstrasse in Allschwil. Credit Suisse decided to bring the Allschwil branch in line with the new client-friendly corporate architecture concept. Already in 2010 Blaser Architekten completely refurbished the Claraplatz branch for Credit Suisse. 130 m2 were added to the business area, which was enabled by the local development plan 'Unterdorf'. The guiding idea of the design was an interlocking of the open/public areas with the more secure and closed office areas. A floor to ceiling glazed facade links the customer space with the newly designed external area. This comb-like structure clearly defines the areas, allowing customers to experience the space in its different zones. The result of this intervention is a transparent and light-flooded space that gives an ideal frame to an open and contemporary communication. The external spaces were developed by the landscape architect Donald Jacob. The refurbished bank achieves Minergie standard.