Competition Kunstmuseum, Basel | 2009

In the Spring of 2009 the Kanton of Basel issued an anonamous design competition for the expansion of the Basel Art Museum on an property adjacent to the current Laurenz-designed building. Blaser Architekten participated in the competition together with Tadao Ando and Rapp Arcoplan.

The new building was designed to reflect the urban morphologie of this significant site as well as emphasize the prismatic geometry of the facade in contrast to the building's solid core. Despite the buildings strict geometric articulation, generous views to the interior are created while the reduced building envelope permits views out to the city. The design fits well into the urban context, the articulation of the volume and the continuation of the arcade establishing a visual connection between the museum and the surrounding city. The arcades reflect a duality by creating a modern connection between the present and the past. The highly transperant facade can be experienced similarly from the interior or exterior. The dynamic siloettes of visitors and works of art help to enliven the outer galeries and encourage passing pedestrians to visit the museum.