Commercial & Residential Building, Falknerstrasse, Basel | 2005 - 2009

The building is located in the heart of downtown Basel between the Barfüsser and Marktplatz. Because of its location in a historic preservation zone, Blaser Architekten created a design that would fit the ensemble of the neighborhood and respect the larger urban context, while creating an interior transparency and flexibility not possible in existing older buildings. Given its prominent location, the building was conceived as a mixed-use commercial and residential development. Commercial units and office space are located on the ground and first floors, creating an independent identity in a prestigious location. High quality residential units with a modern urban flair are located on the two upper floors. Floor plans offer a high degree of flexibility in order to allow residents to individually determine the size, layout, and materials of their units. A central idea driving this design was to create an open and transparent building which unites the Falknerstrasse, Weisse Gasse, Ringgässlein and Freie Strasse corridors as well as the front and back areas of the building.