Beach volley hall St. Johann, Basel | 2004 - 2008

Due to the new Luzernerring connection of the Nordtagente project, several floors had to be removed as well as temporary support of the bridgehead supplied to the western abutment of the Luzernnerring Bridge. The abutment is to be returned to its original condition after completion of the tunnel under the bridgehead. The abutment, with a floor area of 1,500m2, was divided into three zones: The first zone was renovated with a new ground floor as well as a gallery level, and used for winter maintenance by the municipal services department. The middle section, formerly housing a bicycle racing oval and carpentry workshop, was renovated to enclose a Beach Hall with dimensions of 25.50m x 17.50m x 6.50m. After completion of the Nordtangente, the third section was designated for use as storage by the TBA.

For the renovation of the Beach Hall, 500m2 of concrete walls as well as 700m2 of concrete ceilings had to be removed. These were replaced by new structural steel supports. Simple, open rooms and a logical special progression form the basis of the design. The use of warm colors and materials help to create a relaxing atmosphere beneath the hectic traffic and activity of the bridge. The consistent use of materials throughout the building helps to clarify and unify the different zones of the building. The exterior facade of exposed concrete was maintained in order to preserve the existing character of the abutment. The concrete walls were renovated and given a fresh coat of paint.