Assisted living for people with dementia, Basel | 2010 - 2011

The insurance company 'Basler Versicherungen AG' own a property at Drahtzugstrasse 51 in Basel. the structure containing flats and shops was built in 1985. The disused commercial areas on ground floor level and the single storey steel structure in the backyard were to be altered and refurbished for new lease contracts. The old people's home 'Wesley-Haus' is located in its immediate vicinity, linked with a shared garden. In order to have a better environment to house and care for their group of residents with dementia this home for the elderly was in need for more space. The project allows all residents to live on the same level and gives them multifaceted external and internal views, which aides the residents to orientate. All rooms for the residents are located in the building at Drahtzugstrasse and are looking at the quiet inner courtyard, offices of the administration and common areas are facing the busy street. The main building got a new fully glazed link corridor to the courtyard building. There are situated, behind a new facade with deep box-like windows, the remaining bedrooms and a spacious lounge. The courtyard is now used as a central and quiet garden area, which gives the residents a chance to experience nature.