Man has five senses with which he perceives his environment. Architecture should address as many of these senses to the users  -  though we are focused mainly on the visual perception. After last year’s schauraum-b event: ‘KlangRaum – aurally perception of space and material’ we now turn to the sense of smell to our attention. Each material, each room or space has its own smell. This directly affects our well-being and our special orientation. We associate smell also as good and bad characteristics of material, room or location.

Scents and odors have the potential to evoke emotion, memories and to facilitate orientation. Whether natural or artificial, perceived by a product or a material basis or as a mix of scent in a room or in the area, scent acts immediately and directly to the brain. We all react differently to scents. Smell, which some find pleasant, can be distracting to others. Fragrances and scents stimulate our behavior and perception. They dig deep into the long-term memory, and are thus important reminder carriers.

Even without exact designation of fragrances we respond to known smells with feelings and mental images. Conversely, call a smell in memory images and situations. Who does not know the intense smell of pine cladded space. Or we recognize the smell of a school, a hospital, the staircases of our grandmothers or smell of our own home. All these odors are in any way acting consciously or unconsciously. Consciously controlled, they can make for a pleasant indoor climate, or else (possibly artificially enhanced) as scented advertising used for consumption purposes.

The aim of the series of lectures and exhibition is to consider the effect of fragrances on the people in space from different positions and individual perspective, and to get to know application areas and operation of fragrances in our everyday life, in the public space and the materials.


Dauer 31. August 2016 bis 21. Dezember 2016

Architekturräume und Materialien mit den dazu passenden Düften.
Architekturfotografie: Hans H. Münchhalfen, Basel
Düfte: Andreas Wilhelm, Wilhelm Perfume, Zürich, Dubai


Über den Zeitraum der Veranstaltung finden interessante kostenlose Vorträge mit Publikumsgespräch statt. Programm: events

die Veranstaltungsreihe findet statt mit freundlicher Unterstützung von 'CMS Christoph Merian Stiftung'.