Competition Fokus Zug | 2013

The cantonal administration and Transport Company of Zugerland plan a joint venture for their space needs. It will not only solve the current space problems, but also create the conditions for a future-oriented public service center of the Kanton Zug. Blaser Architekten AG was involved as the General Planner with the architectural firms of Miroslav Sik and Joos & Mathys and submitted a project named ' Palio '. The leading urban image of the complex is composed of two strongly defined rims as well as a generous meandering, public outdoor-space in the interior of the development. The four-story high rim is revived by forward and backward jumping volumes. Above the Center City Skyline protrude three staggered towers and a later planned enlargement by a high-rise structure. The project 'Palio’ won the 4th price.